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On the Fence Finish Flag

Becky Kolsrud, Catherine Haggarty, Eleanor Aldrich

Curated by Joshua Bienko

November 13 – December 13, 2015

Ortega y Gasset Projects is pleased to announce On the Fence Finish Flag, a group show organized by Joshua Bienko, including works by Becky Kolsrud, Catherine Haggarty, and Eleanor Aldrich.

1. You got that land o ‘lay, now power on through and to!
2. If you aren’t done flapping about, hurry up then.
3. We have a name but too many times becomes hectic enough all right.
4. All rise, we’ll find the sucker with the red nose on.
5. And to you, step, step, high knee, high knee, you’ll learn drumsticks down
6. There were eighteen and no one counted. Not even me. But I’m pretty sure I can still fly around. Prolly not tonight though.
7. Knock em down right in that sauce
8. If you like the big underwear, dance.
9. Cheek and Toe followed by Lightning Tom, Rancid Charms, Fill her up and Fancy Arms..
10. Chase them down. Yuck right at him. Don’t start with me mother fucker.
11. Chincey
12. Bill up and feet up are two things you can do in a soft chair. Looking up, well, you can do it.
13. Ride around rear ramps. Those ones will get the records.
14. Jude, Luke, Joshua, Isiah, Anna, these were my neighbors.